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Diary of a wannabe writer

This is, or will be,  a record of my writing history. Hopefully I will be able to look back on these entries and chart my improvements along the way. Alternately I can look back and see that perhaps I shouldn’t give up my day job.

Writing is something I have often had lurking about in the back of my mind. It reoccurs like a persistent toothache (cliché). It is an itch I can’t scratch. Occasionally I have toyed with a bit of text here or there. I had a short contract at a job in North Sydney many years ago and merrily typed away at a historical romance mystery paranormal hybrid each morning and afternoon on the train.  It died after a few thousand words when the contract ended. This was definitely a good outcome; it was total crap. A couple of years ago I wrote a few short stories and fired them off to a couple of online magazines.  They were rejected of course and the urge was temporarily suppressed by more pressing issues, like paying bills, renovating, watching TV, finishing my MA.

Last year I was trolling the internet and one of my favourite blogs mentioned NANOWRIMO. I had never heard of it. After deliberating for about 30 seconds I decided it sounded like a fun thing to do so I signed up. The first two or three evenings I ground out the requisite number of words, but then came the realisation my intergalactic archaeological dig was populated by characters I didn’t like and I had no real story line. One of the first rules of NANOWRIMO was not to change stories in mid stream, but that is what I did. There was no way I was going to make the word count after that and I think I petered out at about 36000 with a week to go.

The new story was pushed aside again by life, the universe and everything, but in January I decided it was time to give this writing thing a real go. I don’t expect instant success, fame or fortune. Actually I don’t expect them ever, but the tooth has to be pulled, the rash treated or I will never get any peace.

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