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Is Freelance Writing for Me?

I can’t believe it has been a year since my last post. How slack am I. So where has my writing gone in the last year? Not very far. I worked on my nanowrimo novel, but I made the classic mistake of talking about it to family. Consequently the story now seems stale and I am having trouble finishing the first draft. In an effort to revitalise my drive I decided to attend a couple of sessions at the NSW Writers’ Centre. I attended a session on Freelance Writing and another on The Essentials of Getting Published. The both had value but I can see how they could pull me in completely different directions.

Freelance writing is a great idea, in theory, but I am already working full time. If I dedicate myself to chasing down opportunities I will have no time left for any other type of writing. And really, do I want to be a freelance writer? There is some scope to make a bit of money, but my true love is fiction writing. Barry Divola ran the seminar and is a successful freelance writer. He knows his topic well and even if I don’t go down the freelance path, I will definitely follow one of his suggestions: Enter Competitions.

I have never really thought about writing competitions as an outlet for my stories. What a great way to keep my writing fresh but still keep my focus on fiction. Ok, I don’t expect to win any prizes (unless all the other writers came down with the flu that week) but the germ of an idea from a short story may result in a larger work. I am already working on a story for the Henry Lawson festival.

And how was the seminar on Getting Published? Eye opening. In summary, the chances of getting published via the traditional route are similar to winning lotto. Don’t get me wrong, I buy lotto tickets, so I will probably try the traditional route, but I am not invested in it. I feel I will probably end up self publishing an ebook. I know there are other options like Print on Demand, but I think I will start with an ebook.

What was that? How do I expect to get people to actually find my ebook out of the 700,000 that were published last year? No Idea. Marketing is a whole other challenge. I think I will creep up on it, one blog at a time.

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