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Hello family. I have a warning. Automation may result in the end of mankind. We were waiting at the airport, and I was people watching, as you do, and my gaze wandered over to the marvel that is the MacDonald semi automated restaurant.

First the customer orders their meal using a screen, with an option to pay electronically, no human interaction required by the MacDonald staff. The order is transmitted electronically upstairs where they have the burger making area serviced by a conveyor track that runs up the wall to this kitchen area. The staff up there bag up the meals then clip them to the track and the food trundles back down the wall. It’s collected by the staff at the bottom and they hand it over to the customer.

If the customer orders a drink, a cup is automatically dispensed in another machine which moves a conveyer to the correct beverage slot and the cup is filled.

The only thing the staff has to do is pick up the bag of food from the food conveyor, pick up the beverage from the drinks conveyor and yell out the number matching food to customer. It was like watching a zombie movie or something with Boris Karloff featuring mummies. They actually shuffled. I have never seen such demoralised staff anywhere. Not only that, it seems because everything else is automated, they are incapable of independent thought or possibly they have simply lost the will to live. I saw one of them pick up a drink and put it down near the food area, but the rest of the order was’t ready, so she wandered away. The food came, someone else picked it up and handed it to the customer but without the drink. Said customer then stood there, trying to get one of the four staff’s attention, but they all managed to keep their backs to the customer while staring vacantly around waiting for one of their automated conveyors spring to life.

I like tech more than most, but in this instance, perhaps the Luddites had the right idea.

Mum says hi.

Word count on Regency Novel 6905.

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