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UK TRIP – DAY 5 Part 2

I realise the previous post was a bit short, but I wasn’t joking about being tired. The day we arrived I fell asleep on the couch (which is actually my bed) at 7.30. Last night I managed to stay awake til 9, but the last hour and half I was simply sitting on the couch/bed, drooling, watching TV, so I don’t count that as much of a improvement. Unfortunately that means I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep, hence this second post for the day.

I forgot to mention a few things from yesterday. The first is I managed to get lost 3 times yesterday. Not lost in a call the police sort of way, but it made me realise that I really have no sense of direction whatsoever. I need to finish reading that book The Lost Art of Finding your Way. I don’t want to be like the girls who went kayaking and got lost and died when the fog rolled in because they got turned around.

Ok, that is probably not a good example, as I can’t see that I would ever go kayaking at all, but when we are travelling from Edinburgh to Bath, I don’t want to end up in Ireland when I am trying to find the York Crown Derby factory.

The first time I got lost doesn’t really count because we were in the underground at Victoria station, trying to get to the street. Even the English get lost down there. One couple got on the wrong train, and had to leap back off again before the doors closed when they realised it was going in the opposite direction to where they wanted to go.

We eventually found our way out, obviously, but no idea how.

The second time was at the Chelsea flower show, and there is really no excuse for that one, as we had a map. But if you don’t know where you came in and there is no compass or designated north, then how are you supposed to know where you are? I also got turned around in the pavilion but it is larger than a football field, and a sea of flowers. It got confusing.

The last time, there really is no excuse. We were walking from the Oxford Circus underground to our apartment, which we had done before, but I thought I was being clever and was going a slightly different route. Even the map on the phone didn’t help because I couldn’t orientate it to where we were as I thought up was down. Pathetic.

So, if you heare about lost Australian tourists in the news, it’s us.

The other thing I had to mention (and it isn’t because I think you are particularly interested, it’s so I don’t forget all this stuff) is that these poor English don’t know good chocolate. On the way back to the apartment, before I got us turned around, we stopped at a chocolate shop and bought a small box of chocolates. It was a flash shop, in a nice suburb dedicated to it’s own brand of chocolates. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is Cadbury and 10 is Belle Fleur, they only rated a 5. Obviously I will have to do more research. I will keep you posted on the chocolatiers of the UK.

Another thing, this one is for Fiona, when we were at the show, there was an artist there who does embroidery paintings. They are amazing. From a distance you think they are painted, but when you go in close you realise they are a combination of painting but all the main detail is embroidered. Totally amazing. The artist, Alison Holt is coming to Sydney in November to do classes at the embroidery guild. Mum thought Fiona’s mum might be interested.


Can you believe that is embroidery?

And finally, the picture from yesterday with mum next to the sculpture was by K Paxton Blacksmiths. the URL is http://www.artfe.co.uk. Mum thought Andrea’s boys might be interested.

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  1. M
    May 26, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    Hello, Kim said that when in Edinburgh it is much cheaper to stay at Leith it is a bit out of town but is a waterfront area with traditional pubs and seafood restaurants, also on the bus line.

    I can totally simpithise about the getting lost, story of my life, Sooo glad you are both having a totally awesome time. We have been gadding about town and just did a night time drive by of the Block, super cool.

    • May 27, 2018 at 3:25 pm

      Hi Mels, I tried to email Dad,Suz and Andrea to tell them about the blog but I couldn’t get through. Can you let them know? Thanks

  2. May 26, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    Did Scotty invite you in for a tour?

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